In a Time before Camelot

        Magic coursed through the veins of Albion and for generations the people learned to harness this power, and as with all things in nature they understood there was a balance.

Uther Pendragon, the King of the Britons, was without an heir to his throne. With the help of a powerful wizard, Merlin, magic was used to conceive a son. The balance of magic was not understood by Uther, and as one life was created another was taken away; Uther's wife, Igraine, died giving birth to Uther's son, Arthur.

Uther blamed magic for the death of Igraine, and set out to purge Albion of those devoted to what he decreed as 'The Old Religion'. Some devout followers exiled themselves, few went into hiding; Most were slain as they stood against Uther in defiance, even those who proclaimed they meant no ill and would use their magic only for good...

A darkness now spreads across Albion, the crops are dying and the water is turning foul. The people are plagued with hunger and disease. Fewer by the day have the strength to fend off the Saxons who have been invading Albion from the East and ever more swiftly gaining ground. It is feared they are now aided by dark magic, by those who were exiled by Uther's blood-lust...

Masters of The Old Religion.

Chapter 1
Saxons & The Sorceress

Forests, forts, swamps, and a hidden castle full of enemies ready to explode into giblets.

Chapter 2
Warlock's FROZEN tower

Icy passes/caverns, dark halls and frozen castle walls full of enemies ready to meet a violent end.

Chapter 3
The Dark Master

Cemeteries, Crypts, Mausoleum, Castle Ruins, Canyons and more full of undead to kill in the skullfaces.


Secrets in every level. Magical items found in secrets. Secret levels found in every chapter. Secret bosses and awesome items found in secret levels.


Kill enemies with swords/axes/knives/crossbows/magic runes and more!


Punch enemies to death or throw an axe in their face.


Kill enemies in the face with a spiked club and block enemy attacks with a sturdy shield.


Murder the hell out of enemies with the dagger and hunters axe combo.


Slice the shit out of Saxons/demons/whatever.